How To Apply For The Three Month Mortgage Holiday

This post is designed to help anyone who has a mortgage, regardless of lender, who would like to know how to apply for a mortgage holiday.

Due to the ongoing corona virus the chancellor announced mortgage holders can apply for a 3 month mortgage “holiday”

The aim of this announcement is to relief the stress to mortgage holders in this already stressful time.

Typically a lender would have to access their customers finances before approving such a move but this has been waived to reduce the stress many are already under.

Are there Conditions ?

You must be up to date with your payment or bring your account up to date in order to apply with your current mortgage lender.

What Will I need To Do ?

You’ll need to contact your mortgage lender to start the process, below we have listed some of the larger mortgage lenders with a direct to their information page regarding the mortgage holiday information they present.






Royal Bank of Scotland


You’ll need your account number and ideally your statement covering the last 12 months.


Firstly we’d recommend you talk to your existing lender. They will all be doing their best to help you find a solution. You will need to repay the payments with interest. You will need to see what your options are with your existing lender.

You could remortgage with another lender. You may get a lower rate then your existing mortgage. We recommend you take some mortgage advice if your wish to remortgage.

Once you have all the information, you’ll need to make an informed decision. based on that information. If you are considering a remortgage , again , compare the remortgage offered to your existing mortgage to see how much you could save.

Lenders Will Do Their Best To Help

Your mortgage lender will do their best , they fully understand the situation and stress you are feeling. As mentioned previously your repayments will need to be up to date.

Will Taking a Mortgage Holiday Affect My Credit Rating

No, no payment will be expected during the mortgage holiday period so it should not show as a missed payment in your credit file. We recommend you specifically ask this question to your particular lender. However, all major banks have said it will not affect your credit rating.

Finally, please stay safe and follow any advice given by the Government regarding the current crisis we are all facing. Please wash your hands regularly and follow guidance regarding social distancing and self isolation if you are showing symptoms of the corona virus.

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